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About Stackoverlow and some its unreasonable participants

Stackoverflow and some participants in particular are being unreasonable: they like to lecture those who ask questions, especially if the one asking a question is a newbie. Or looks like a newbie with a new registered account. How come they don't realize that it takes me -- the one who asks questions -- less than a minute to register a new account on a new, temporary email, ask a question, throw my account away and register a new account all over again if there's a need?

"You come here, to your society! Therefore you're to obey our rules! The rules of Stackoverlow state:

1) First you do a google search.

2) Then you show us what you've tried.

3) Finally, exhausted and desperate, you're permitted to come to Stackoverlow and ask a question....".

Do they have plenty of free time? Or do I coerce some of them to come and give me an answer? No, it's voluntarily. But why do they spend their time trying to lecture me and get me to tell them "Thank you very much your majority, you're so kind that you've come here, I'll remember that till the end of my life and name my son after you"? Why not ignore my question if it doesn't makes sense to them or merely give me an answer? Is that some kind of disease of those who spend too much on forums -- inability to keep silent? And keeping silent for them is an effortful activity?

I can register a new account in a blink on an eye and ask a new stupid question, and do it over and over again. And still there'll be someone wise who'll give me an answer. If not, not a big deal. Yet some of them -- participants -- believe that I crave an answer to my question as if I weren't able to live without it, and therefore they always give me advice which I don't ask them for as if they were my parents or teachers at school and which at best has little to do with my question. Not to mention some of them being strict and pig-headed.

"You come here to get an answer. With your attitude none of us here will want to give you one". Are they idiots or what?

I pretend to appear to be a newbie when asking questions because it's easier to get an answer without having to explain why I want it and what has been leading me to ask it.

conversation on stackoverlow

conversation on stackoverlow